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Colour Consultation

Available Online 

You'll discover colours that will make your skin, eyes and hair glow. 


You'll see that wearing these colours you won't need a lot of makeup - they will reduce any skin imperfections (dark eye circles, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation).

You'll learn about the shades to avoid in your clothing.

Find out what colours to use for hair tint and make up to look your best.

And get a personalized colour palette that can be easily used while shopping.


Body Shape Consultation

Available Online 


I’ll be happy to share all the tips and tricks that do miracles for your body type!
I’ll tell you all about your body shape, its features, assets and areas of improvement.


I’ll show you successful proportions for your outfits.

I will explain what lengths of clothing are perfect for you.

I’ll teach you how to emphasize your unique beauty and hide figure flaws (if any). 

You will see various examples of looks that are right for you.


Online Shopping

Online Only


We’ll have an online video call to discuss your goals, lifestyle, budget and style preferences.

I’ll determine your colour and body type.


I’ll create a unique Fall - Winter Capsule for you.


You’ll receive your Look Book with images of all possible outfits and a shopping list with the clickable links to online stores where these pieces can be purchased.

I’ll be available online to answer all questions regarding your wardrobe.





Lots of clothes but nothing to wear? Get a professional advice about your wardrobe!


We will go through your wardrobe and discuss colours, style, fit, relevance and condition of all items.

You will get rid of unsuitable items, find new life for current pieces, and discover flattering colours and styles.

We will also create a shopping list in order to complete your perfect capsule wardrobe.


Duration 2-2.5 hours.


Consultation only available in person.


Makeover Session

Get a new look for a new life!

You absolutely deserve it!

A complete makeover by our team of professionals includes: 

- an awesome look (or a few looks) created by a Personal Stylist individually for you;

- professional makeup;

- amazing hair style;

- great professional photos.

Duration 4-6 hours

from $300

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Shopping with a Stylist

Let's go shopping!


Using your style profile and shopping list, we'll create a whole new capsule wardrobe of beautiful pieces, designed personally for you.

We'll help you style your clothes into complete outfits so that you don’t have to think twice when dressing.

Shopping can be done together with your personal stylist or your stylist can bring options back for you.

You’ll be amazed at how confident and happy you will feel about your new look and how other people will react to you!