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Want to learn more about your color & body type and get personalized recipes for your yammy outfits? We’ve got “Perfect Style Package” designed specially for you!


What will you get?


  • Professional color analysis


Based on your photos, I’ll determine your color type (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) and provide you with a personalized  color palette appropriate for your age and natural coloring. I’ll also explain what colors you can use for hair tint and makeup to look your best.




  • Body analysis


I’ll define your body type and share the list of recipes to flatter your figure.


  • Personalized outfit ideas


I’ll create 10 outfit collages for your rational wardrobe. Each piece will be combined with at list 3-4 other items.


  • Shopping list


You will receive a ready-to-go shopping list with pictures of items I used for your rational wardrobe ideas and links to websites where they can be purchased. I’ll provide you with 2-3 options that differ in price and quality, so you could select according to your budget.




  • 30 days Style Support


I will answer any questions you may have regarding your style. Send your questions to info@lookcool.ca, and you’ll receive an email or video response.


What will you need to do?


  • Fill out a detailed questionnaire so I could learn about your personality, lifestyle and fashion preferences.

  • Provide me with your photos that will be used for color and body type analysis. You will be given the detailed  instructions on how to take your pictures.


Who am I?


My name is Valeria Mishkur. I  spent the first 30 years of my life in Ukraine where I had a successful career as a University Professor (got two Master’s and a PhD degree in Romance languages). I speak 5 languages and love travelling around the world.  In 2016 my family and I immigrated to Canada. As I couldn’t teach here, I decided that it was a perfect time to make true a longtime dream of mine and open my own fashion business. It started as a clothing store and online boutique www.lookcool.ca, but I had so much fun helping my customers to choose perfect items and the results were so great, that I quickly realized that I need to become a professional stylist. I studied at BeUStylists (Montreal) and Ekaterina Malyarova’s Imagemakers’ School. Today I teach women to be more adventurous with their style, explore the color and look their best.


As this a personalized service that requires a lot of my time, the offer is limited.


This month I can only take 20 “Perfect Style” customers. If you see this message, I still have a few spots left.


The  total value of this package is $500, but in the next 24 hours you can get it for as low as $147.


Questions? Please email me at info@lookcool.ca

Perfect Style Package

C$500.00 Regular Price
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