Why I shop for clothes the same way I do my grocery shopping

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Have you ever looked at your closet full of clothes and thought you had nothing to wear?

Have you ever bought something that you only wore once?

Do you have items that don’t match anything else in your closet?

Does it happen to you to buy something and then realize it doesn’t fit well or you don’t really like it?

To fight all the above, I shop for clothes the same way I do my grocery shopping! I know it sounds ridiculous, but let me explain!

1. Before going grocery shopping, I check what’s in my fridge, and what I need to buy.

The same way before buying any clothes, I check what I already have in my (or my client’s) wardrobe. This is what stylists call Wardrobe analysis. We analyze which items can stay, and which ones have “expired” and need to go to your garbage bin (or be donated). I’m referring to all clothes that don’t fit you or don’t match your colour and body type.

2. Then I think what I’m gonna cook this week with the products I already have. For example, tomorrow I’m gonna make a lasagna. What do I need? Lasagna, ricotta, parmesan, eggs, garlic etc. Let’s say I already have lasagna and garlic, then to cook my perfect dish, I’ll need to buy some ricotta, parmesan and eggs.

When I create my perfect outfits, I also need a “recipe”! This is when the platforms for creating collages come in handy. I find the pictures of items similar to what my client already has and match them with the images of the missing pieces.

The good news is that I can create countless looks with the same piece! Yes, there are many different ways of making a lasagna :)

Do you wear a pencil skirt to work? Look how many other Pencil Skirt “recipes” you can use!

3. Once we’ve selected the recipes that perfectly match our colour type and lifestyle we need to make a shopping list. To make my life easier I don’t make my list too specific. The same way as my grocery list includes “Apples” instead of “Apples - Red Delicious”, I add “a blazer” and not “a Green Polka Dot Wool Blazer”. This way, I have many more options when I go shopping. The main rule here is to use the colours appropriate for your colour type.

4. Shopping is always the best part! I take my shopping list and look for the items I need to buy. Here, the main idea is to find the right colours and only then select the styles to match what we already have. And, of course, try it!

Would you like to learn more about your colour & body type and get personalized recipes for your yummy outfits? Click below!


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