Why do you need to know your colour type?

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Have you ever wondered why some colours look great on your friend, but not as good on you? It’s all about your colouring!

Depending on the tone of skin, eyes and hair each of us represents a unique complex of colours and shades aka colour type.

Knowing your colour type allows you to distinguish the shades that are right for you and the ones you can leave for your friend :)

Wearing the wrong colours highlights wrinkles, dark eye circles, yellow teeth and hyperpigmentation, makes your face look pale and drained.

Wearing the right colours, on the other hand, reduces any imperfections. With your perfect colours you always look fresh and bright. Your eyes, skin and hair glow.

There are a few different methods of colour analysis image consultants use. The most popular one is the “seasonal method” which divides people into 4 colour types: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Summer and Winter are considered “cool” types, while Spring and Autumn are the “warm” ones.

Are you ready to figure out what colors look best on you?

Let’s begin! For this test you will need a well-lit room and a big mirror. The light needs to be natural as the lamps’ yellow light can make your skin tone look warmer.

STEP 1. Are You Cool or Warm?

Look at yourself in the mirror without makeup.

How would you describe your skin tone?

Is it warm (golden or peachy, creamy, beige, bronze, caramel, latte, olive with golden or red undertone) or cold (rosy beige, porcelain, neutral beige with pink undertone, milky white, chocolate, dark chocolate)?

What is your natural hair color?

If your skin tone and hair have a warm undertone, or you are a natural red-head, you would be classed as either a Spring or an Autumn.

If your skin has a blueish, cool undertone and your hair is more ashy and has no golden or red highlights, you’re either a Summer or a Winter.

STEP 2. Find Your Type


The characteristic feature of "Spring" girls is thin, almost transparent, light skin. Their natural hair color is a shade of blond - wheat, honey, gold. Their light blue, gray, brown or green eyes are framed with light eyebrows. Girls of this colour type often have a childish light blush and tender pink lips. In summer People with "Spring" color-type may have light freckles.

What are the best colours for the "Spring"?

If you’re a “Spring”, choose the clothes of warm, fresh shades: peach, warm pink, apricot, orange, salmon, coral red, sparkling gold, shades of green - the colours of fresh leaves, apple, aquamarine, goldish-turquoise. Salmon, apricot, peach and light coral-red will be a good choice, as well as the color of baked milk, flax, cream, beige-yellow, the color of milk chocolate, brown-violet, sparkling gold.

Avoid black, silver grey, dazzling while, cold pink.


"Autumn" ladies have rich overall colouring and low contrast between skin, hair and eyes. Their skin is usually of golden shades, hair of copper colour from golden to bright ginger and even red, and eyes are of warm shades (brown, hazel, olive or green).

What are the best colors for the "Autumn"?

The whole warm palette of the autumn sky, foliage and earth is definitely for you. Azure, emerald, the colour of old gold, brown-red, mustard, khaki, champagne, fawn beige, copper, orange and bronze.

Shades to avoid: snow-white, black, pastel shades of blue and pink, cold blue.


“Summer” girls have a low contrast between their skin and hair. Their natural skin shade has a cool undertone, their hair is from light blond to medium brown with cold ashy shades. Their eyes may be gray, gray-blue, gray-green, brown and even dark brown. “Summer’s” lips are usually pale pink.

What are the best colors for the "Summer"?

Cold, smoky, pastel, blurry tones. Summer ladies look great in gentle-blue, gray-white, silvery, pearly, lilac, beige-gray shades, the colors of denim from faded blue to rich indigo shade. Cold pink palette from light powdered shades to dark pink with a purple tint is also for you. As well as raspberry, cherry and the color of red wine.

Shades to avoid: purely warm, catchy, toxic colors. Orange, carrot-red, egg yolk, royal blue.


This expressive cold colour type is characterized by contrasts in appearance: black or dark chestnut hair, skin of cool or olive undertones and dark brown, green or blue eyes.

What are the best colors for the "Winter"?

Contrasting snow-white and coal-black, navy blue, purple, silver, bitter chocolate, hot pink, fuchsia, steel-gray. "Winter" girls look great wearing dark cherry, hot raspberry and bordeaux colours.

Shades to avoid: orange, faded yellow, red-brown, brick, earthy.

If you immediately recognized your own colouring in one of these four seasons: congrats! If not, don't worry.

If you are interested in the whole colour typing idea and considering to adjust your wardrobe accordingly, book your appointment for a professional colour analysis.

The professional colour analysis takes into consideration six secondary characteristics (light, deep, warm, cool, clear, and soft) and is available in person and online.

You'll discover

  • Colours that will make your skin, eyes and hair glow. You'll see that wearing these colours you won't need a lot of makeup - they reduce any skin imperfections (dark eye circles, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation)

  • Shades to avoid in your clothing

  • Colours to use for hair tint and make up to look your best

  • And get a personalized colour palette that can be easily uploaded to your phone and used while shopping


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