Wardrobe mistakes my clients make

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I used to open my closet, look at it, sigh deeply and pick something just because I couldn’t go to work naked.

My husband kept saying that I had lots of clothes and spent too much money on shopping, but I had NOTHING to wear!

Shopping never resolved this problem - I bought something new, wore it a couple of times, and came back to “nothing to wear” situation...

Only years later, as I’ve become a professional Image Consultant, I realized what my mistakes were. Now I can see the same mistakes in most of my clients’ wardrobes.

Check out the points below to see if you make them too ;)

Owning clothes that are not your size

As life goes, we change, and our size changes too. If you haven’t been able to fit in a pair of pants for the last 2-3 years, it’s time to let them go. I know that you may like them SO much and you still hope to wear them one day, but, honestly, will you?..

It’s a different You now, and a different You needs a new pair of pants!

Wearing clothes that don’t match your natural colouring

One of my recent clients being a Soft Summer type had a closet full of dark Winter colours that made her face look drained and exhausted. She couldn’t imagine what a huge difference the right colours would make! Once we were done with her shopping, it was a totally new person in front of me - fresh, bright, with her eyes shining!

Learn more about colour types

Owning too many similar items

Another client of mine has 5 identical black and white striped T-shirts. You may have 20 pairs of jeans, 15 knitted sweaters or 4 black blazers.

We all tend to buy something we’re familiar with, something we know would fit perfectly and would match our other clothes. But wouldn’t it be better to invest your money in something that would make you look different? If you recognized yourself in “20 pairs of jeans” example, maybe it’s time to get yourself a dress :)

Incorrect proportion between tops and bottoms

A top is an item that makes your outfit look different, therefore you need 4-5 times more tops than bottoms. With only 2 bottoms and 10 tops, you’ll have enough clothes to wear to work for two weeks.

Clothes that emphasize your figure flaws

It’s important to know your body type and dress to hide the problematic areas by accentuating the most beautiful body parts.

If you’re a Pear type (fuller hips and booty) avoid drawing attention to your thighs. The narrower your bottom cut, the narrower your hips will look. A straight dress or a pencil skirt would be perfect options. Choose horizontal lines for your tops. For example, a boat cut of the neckline will make your shoulders look wider that will balance your hips.

If you’re an Inverted Triangle (shoulders wider than hips) go for dresses without sleeves.They will elongate your upper body and make your shoulder line look softer and more feminine. Choose bottoms with prints but keep your tops plain.

Lacking dresses

I wear dresses at least 4 times a week and I get 3 times more compliments about my look on those days.

Why to choose dresses? Dress is a long single-coloured vertical line which means it makes you look slimmer and taller than you’re. Therefore, dresses are a must-have for all body types. Go for a straight dress if you want to hide your belly, or an A-line to make your hips look wider. Whatever your body type is, you’re going to look great in a right dress!

No use of accessories

Good accessories can instantly take your outfit to a totally different level. But what I usually see in my clients’ closets are the accessories that don’t add ANYTHING to their look.

They may own 2-3 pairs of boring shoes for a season and 2 neutral purses that match everything. As for jewelry, it would be a thin golden chain, a few pairs of small earrings, a couple of rings.

You need to make it brighter! Add some colour to your accessories. Red shoes, for instance, are a great choice as they make an accent on your legs and can be matched with black, grey, white, beige, purple, pink, denim, and so many other colours!

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