Parachute Dress - How to Style the Most Trendy Dress of the Season

Dress: Wilfred, Sandals: L'intervalle, Jewelry: Banana Republic, Scarf: Sincera, Purse: Amazon

I know I'm posting this when the summer is almost over but the thing is I'm not ready to say Goodbye to my beautiful Parachute dress! I love how flattering and versatile this piece is, and I received so many compliments while wearing it this summer!

In summer I loved styling it with my high heel sandals, a straw bag and a silken scarf, and it also looked amazing with sneakers! However, I truly believe that the most trendy dress of the summer deserves to continue its life in some great autumn looks! 🍁🍁🍁

As the parachute is always large and voluminous, in order to wear it in fall you'll need loose oversized outerwear, otherwise the dress will not fit and will be uncomfortable. Wear it with a loose blazer, leather jacket or a coat. I really like to combine this dress with a biker jacket to create that bold daring look.

As for the shoes, there are so many great options! The light puffy dress will create an interesting contrast with chunky combat boots, Chelsea boots, rugged tread sole shoes, cowboy or any high boots. If you want to look even bolder wear a pair of black tights under your white parachute dress🔥🔥🔥

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