How to dress for your body shape

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

A lot of my clients when I first meet them are not happy with their bodies. They don't like looking at the mirror, don't feel confident at the beach, and are dissatisfied with their shape when shopping for clothes.

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever looked at someone and thought you would like to be as slim / tall / curvy as them?

Or have you ever looked at a picture of yourself from a long time ago and complained how you would love to look like that again? But then, if you think back to how you felt about your body at the time would you realize you didn’t like your body then either?

I’ve seen people lose 50, 75 and 100 pounds and still dislike their body... If weight loss doesn’t do it, how do you recover from chronic body dissatisfaction?

My answer is simple: learn how to dress for your body shape and fall in love with who you’re now! Knowing your body type and dressing accordingly can make a huge change: you’ll learn how to hide your figure flaws and accentuate the most beautiful parts of your body. You’ll start receiving compliments and your self-esteem will go up! You’ll feel confident, beautiful, sexy and attractive :)

If I convinced you, let’s start by figuring out your body type.


Hourglass is considered the ideal body shape. But guess what? Only 2% of all women are lucky to have it!

What are the features of an hourglass body shape?

  • The body proportion is well-balanced.

  • The shoulders width equals the hips.

  • This body shape looks very feminine and curvy.

  • The waistline is well defined.

  • The breasts are usually full.

  • The difference between hips and waist measurement is 25 cm and more.

If you look at this body shape from right or left side, you can notice that the bums and breasts have an equal volume. If "Hourglass" ladies gain weight, the body fat is distributed proportionally.

Since it’s an ideal body shape, all we need to do is to accentuate the natural beauty: feminine hips, narrow waistline, and beautiful full breasts.

Opt for :

  • Pencil skirts, sheath and flared dresses to accentuate your beautiful hips

  • Wrap dresses and dresses with a belt on your waist . They will show how slim your waist is.

  • V-neck or scoop-neck cut to elongate your upper body and demonstrate your fabulous bust


Straight-cut and baggy dresses as they will hide all your beautiful curves


Pear is the most common and the most feminine body shape. Ladies with this body shape usually have small breasts, narrow shoulders and heavier thighs.

If you’ve recognized yourself in this body shape, you need to add some volume to your top part and keep your bottom very neutral (no bold colors, no details, simple and clean cut, no textured fabric).


  • Straight cut and pencil skirts. The narrower your bottom cut, the narrower your hips will look.

  • Prints and horizontal lines on your top will make your upper body look wider compensating for your heavy hips.

  • V-neckline will add some extra volume to your breast and balance your thighs.


  • Wide cut of the bottom of the dress. You don’t want extra centimeters in your bottom!

  • Body dresses. They will expose both your beautiful parts and areas for improvement.

  • Prints or textured fabrics on your bottom will also make your hips look bigger than they are. So, opt for solid, matt, smooth fabrics which will not draw attention to your thighs.


Ladies of this shape have shoulders wider than the hips. They may have big breasts, but their bums are rather flat. The difference between hips and waist measurement is less than 25 cm. Their legs are usually beautiful and slim. If they gain weight, it goes first to their upper body.

How do we balance the inverted triangle’s body?

We’ll need to add volume to the bottom part and keep the bosom area very neutral (no bold colors, no details, simple and clean cut, no textured fabric, but smooth and matte).


  • Dresses with a V-neck or scoop – neck cut because it will elongate your upper body. Sleeveless dresses will make your shoulder line look softer and more feminine.

  • Full circle or semi-circle skirt to add volume to your thighs.

  • Prints and textured fabrics on your bottom.

  • Wrap dresses would be a great option in case you need to camouflage your belly.


  • Prints in your tops. Keep them plain!

  • Shoulder pads as they will make your shoulder even wider.

  • Wide sleeves or collars.

  • Any horizontal cuts or neck cuts for your tops (like boat-neck cut, strapless, crew neck, square, sweetheart).


Rectangle is a less common body type. If you want to imagine it, think of a teenager body shape.

"Rectangle" girls are usually very tall. Their height is above 175 cm, they have slim and slender bodies with fine light bones. Their shoulders width equals waist and hips. You wouldn't call Rectangle ladies curvy. They have small bust and flat buttocks, their waist is undefined.

How do we balance a Rectangle body shape?

To make it look more like an hour glass, we’ll need to add volume to the breast and thighs.

Opt for:

  • Dresses with off shoulder, scoop, and round open necklines, or an open back.

  • Dresses with collars, ruffles or bows that will add extra volume to your breast.

  • Pencil, A-line, and tulip skirts.

  • Belts to define your waist.


  • Straight and baggy dresses or tunics.

  • Square necklines.

  • Drop waist dresses.

  • Vertical patterns on your top.


"Apple" build is characterized by rounder shoulder line and flattish bottom, average to big bust, fullness around the middle, and good shaped legs.


Semi-fitted or loose (but not baggy!) clothing

Experiment with layers, but don't fasten your jackets and cardigans

All details (frills, prints, draperies) must be located above the chest or below the hip line


  • Tight or baggy clothing

  • Wearing belts whether big or small

  • Any details, fuss and volume near bust, tummy or hip area

  • Skirts above knee length

  • Clothing that finishes at your fullest points

  • Excessive fabric in the mid section

If you didn't recognize your body type in this post or would like to learn more about dressing for your shape, feel free to book your body shape consultation with me. I’ll be happy to share all the tips and tricks that do miracles for your body type!

During this consultation

  • I’ll tell you all about your body shape, its features, assets and areas of improvement.

  • I’ll show you successful proportions for your outfits

  • I will explain what lengths of clothing are perfect for you

  • I’ll teach you how emphasize your unique beauty and hide figure flaws (if any)

  • You will see various examples of looks that are right for you

  • You will learn how to put an outfit together and always look stylish

How will this change your life?

  • You will look at least one size slimmer and a few years younger

  • Colleagues at work, acquaintances and casual passers-by will begin to compliment you

  • You will become a trendsetter for your girlfriends

  • You will look more attractive for your partner

  • Your children will be proud of their beautiful mom

  • You’ll love your reflection in the mirror and your self-esteem will go up!

The consultation is available in person or on-line.

After the consultation you will receive a PDF with a detailed description of your body type, tips and tricks to dress for your body shape, your perfect lengths of trousers, skirts, dresses, blazers and outerwear, 100 + illustrations of complete outfits (including shoes and accessories!) ready to be applied to your wardrobe.

Book your appointment

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