My goal as a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant is to make any woman look and feel gorgeous no matter age or body shape!

Yasya Before and After.jpg

My client Yasya is a Real Estate Agent and a mom of three wonderful children, so her wardrobe needed to include clothes that would be both presentable and comfy.  

That's why we opted for a beautiful reversible blazer that became a base for 3 different outfits!

And of course, we needed to emphasize Yasya's femininity with a right dress!

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Nilanka Before and After.jpg

Nilanka is a Project Manager in a marketing agency and a mom of two cute boys.

As this beautiful lady is a typical example of the Inverted Triangle Body Shape, I used some tricks to balance her top and bottom parts :)


For her first outfit we opted for wide-leg floral print pants matched with a below hip length blazer to create more width in the lower body. A flared dress with a V-neck also serves to create a visual illusion of narrower shoulders and wider hips. 

And of course, we used beautiful bright colours to emphasize Nilanka's unique beauty! Doesn't she look like Jasmine from 'Aladdin'?


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Svitlana Before and After (2).jpg

Svitlana is an accountant and a grandma:) Her Makeover goal was to look younger and slimmer.


To balance Svitlana's body shape (Pear) I accentuated  her upper body and left the lower body neutral. 

To make my beautiful client look younger, I used bright and light colours and stylish accessories.

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Tammy Before and After (1)_edited.jpg

Tammy manages two jobs and a busy social life, so the image we selected for her is the image of a modern and active woman, confident in herself and her beauty!

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