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I've thrown away half of my wardrobe, but I'm so happy now!

Great stylist. The presentation was full in pictures, examples, descriptions - overall making it easy to relate to the topic. I cannot express enough how much I benefited from the Online consultations on body and colour type from Valeria. Yes, my wardrobe shrank when I sorted it out, but now I know exactly what I need and how to put it in place in terms of combinations. Thank you so much, Valeria! Highly recommended.




I have to confess - I hate shopping...

When I had the urge to change something in my life and wardrobe, I happened to stumble across Valeria Mishkur's ad. I believe everything happens for a reason and decided to give it a try. We made an appointment but the closer the date got, the more uncomfortable I felt having a stranger inspect my belongings. However, when Valeria came I felt so at ease with her gentle but insightful approach. I was always sure I had a sense of style and knew how to colour coordinate But Valeria opened my mind and pointed out details that I had never noticed. Needless to say, my favourite colour was black - but I was quickly steered away into softer tones and warmer colours that highlighted my features best.


She even offered to go shopping with me! It is such a luxury to come to the mall and spend a third of the usual time while buying clothing within your budget, all because Valeria had already pre-picked stores and items that worked for me.

And today, as the cherry on top was the professional makeup artist, hairstylist and a fun photo shoot. Thank you Valeria for your patience, help and inspiration that encouraged me to become my best self.




I would recommend Valeria in a heartbeat


I really enjoyed working with Valeria to ensure I have a few basic clothing items for my wardrobe. She was very selective, provided great advice and expanded my horizons towards being open to more styles. We stayed on budget and I brought back only a few items that I needed. I would recommend Valeria in a heartbeat to my friends who are all busy working moms juggling many responsibilities. Valeria’s eye for fashion and style is a great skill I wish I had.


I hope to work with you again in the spring.





This was such a great experience.

Shopping for clothes can be stressful when there are so many options out there, and it can be overwhelming to find the suitable outfits. Valeria made the whole process so easy for me! I highly recommend Look Cool.





It was great learning from you today!!!


I really enjoyed it.  Thanks for answering my many questions so thoroughly.  

The colours particularly has given me a lot to think about and sort out.  As we are soon coming into Spring, and there are more Spring colours available in the shops, it’s perfect timing!!!





I received great compliments from friends and family

Thank you, Valeria! Makeover I received exceeded my expectations. Make up was so natural looking yet accentuated my features well. Hair style suited my face. The outfits selected were very nice. I can mix them with my other clothing items as well. Overall, I'm very pleased with the makeover and received great compliments from friends and family! Thank you!


I'm enjoying my knew knowledge so much!


Every day my husband asks me if I'm wearing something new! But I just mix and match in a different way, having not bought anything yet!!!


Strongly recommend!

All tips are very valuable! It's a pleasure working with Valeria! 



Чувствую себя ну прямо секси и в своей тарелке

Я немного закупилась вещичками и конечно придерживалась получившем от вас знаниям )) Очень довольна, чувствую себя ну прямо секси и в своей тарелке, комфортно и нет больше ощущения что я одеваюсь как девочка девочка.. Спасибо еще раз! 


I feel very confident about my style!


Hello Valeria,⁣⁣ Thank you so much for helping me find a great look that makes me feel younger. I feel very confident about my style which is contemporary, comfortable and brings out the best colours in me. You helped out so much!