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My name is Valeria Mishkur. I'm a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant based in Toronto, Ontario.

I speak 5 languages, love travelling around the world and I’m passionate about making women look their best!

Why did I start my Styling Business?

Well, I knew I was a woman at the age of  6 or 7. When I was left alone I was posing in front of the mirror in my mom's clothes, shoes, jewelry and even underwear… I had waist-long blond hair and I remember that I felt beautiful! I thought that all the boys would fall in love with me… 


But as I grew older and transformed into an awkward teenager my self-esteem significantly dropped. I was tall, taller than most boys in my class, my face covered with acne was disproportional, I was wearing my mom’s altered clothes, and had a high-pitched voice. I only had one friend, while all the other kids were usually making fun of me.


For many years I felt rejected and angry with the whole world.


But I was smart! I finished high school being the best student in my class and entered a University in the capital. I remember how every day I had to take the subway to get to the University. These trips were exciting because I entertained myself watching other women. I examined how every single one of them was dressed and imagined how I would change their outfits to make them look better :) 


Meanwhile, I didn’t look great myself… I was wearing the cheapest sport style clothes and had no idea how to apply makeup. As I lived in a student campus with no hot water, I had too many bad hair days and my pimples were still there no matter what I did… I hated my reflection in the mirror, I hated my body and I was confident that no man would ever fall in love with me…


This year my wonderful husband and I celebrate our 10th anniversary. We have two amazing kids: 7-year-old Nikita and his baby sister Veronica born in March 2020. I’m a successful Personal Stylist and Entrepreneur. 


At 35 I feel and look better than ever. I’m happy, beautiful and confident. I get tons of compliments wherever I go and have to regularly block men who are sending me love messages through social media :)



How did I get from point A (mousy little thing) to point B (successful, confident and attractive woman)? 


My way wasn’t easy. I spent thousands of dollars on personal and group therapy, personal development and style courses. I got a Master’s degree in Practical Psychology, studied Art Therapy and read hundreds and hundreds of books.


I studied at BeUStylists (Montreal), Dean Street Stylists (New York)  and Ekaterina Malyarova’s Imagemakers’ School (Moscow). 


It took me years to develop my sense of style, learn how to dress my skinny no curve body and use the right colours to make my pale face look fresh and expressive.

Today I help women to feel beautiful, sexy and confident by teaching them to be more adventurous with their style, explore the colours and look their best no matter age and constitution.


My services include Colour & Body Shape Consultations, Wardrobe Analysis, Shopping with a Stylist and more.​

I'm positive that any woman deserves to look and feel gorgeous! 

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